Dofollow backlinks and blogs coment luv – how to find on Internet?

Commenting other blogs. Is it works in 2020 marketing?

Commenting in other blogs is a great way of acquiring new links, webiste traffic and first of all building authority among world – wide reader. The main aim in that interent activity should be posting engaging and useful text connected with main article.

Commenting at blogs – how to make it?

Instead of pasting „love your blog, nice article, and I just stumble upon” try to improve discussion and post some valuable information. In practice this still works but as all good marketing strategy need time.

Posing on that way will significantly increase company website traffic and personal profile added in comment. What is more – links posted on blogs will increase company domain ratings. Gernerally speaking this marketing is a combination of networking and selecting business partners.

First of all select high quality blogs only related directly or indirectly with Your company business profile. What You have to remember is that we are going to interested people from Your company business and branch not casual internet users. The good idea is also to post several articles at one blog. In article below You will see how to find best one.

To check weather links from a blog is do follow or not there are two tools you can use browser to do it. Remeber that even when blog is marked as a „nofollow” and base blog or website has nice authority it's worth to aquire new backlinks and participate in discussion. All techniques (except manual search) in text below:

NoFollow Add-on For Firefox (Mozilla)

Add tihs extension to your browser – then you can see if a link from a website or blog is Do Follow or No follow. Very nice tool to watch website link profile. Link to this extansion is here

How To Use Google search engine To Find Do Follow blogs Related To Your Niche or company business

You can also use Google browser to find specific results. Usually I type: “title=”CommentLuv Enabled”” KEYPHRASE
(where KEYPHRASE is business branch or specific keyword), or:
“dofollow blogs” + „business niche”
or just paste ”Submit Your comment” or „Notify me of follow up comments”

How To find .gov / .edu blogs related to your niche and business profile.

Just like in previous example with google logic formulas You can find it manually: Your keyword site: gov inurl:blog "post a comment" "you must be logged in" In case od .edu change the site:gov to site:edu to find .edu sites. Sample below: site:*.gov + "marketing" . Remeber tat the word marketing (or other) have to be between marks „”. – marketing services.

If You do not have time to find it personally You can order it by dedicated freelance company or service just like . For several dollars other specialist can find it and link blog/company website on Your behalf. Fiverr offers also many usuful and practical services called „GIG”s so it's really worth to register there.

Do follow and no follow links analyzing.

Afert 3 months of using this strategy time to verify which are most valuable for company website or blog. Personally I use Google Analytics and DIIB answer engine. It allows to check wheter link generate traffic or can negatively affect company link profile (DIIB)). Very useful app that is worth to install and check website.

Blog post marketing – summary

Posting and gathering new links is a long term but very effective way of advertisment. If You make it propperly You will recieve large website traffic and more clients to Your website. It can be also a great opportunity to establish long term business cooperation with website owners. Good luck!

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