How to use to promote local business?

In recent times Facebook became a major social media chanell that allows people to connect and maintain relations all across the world. Facebook is usefull in advertising because shows content to Your friends (optionally fans) and their friends (range). At some cases is is possible to show the post to thousands of people during 24 hours or even shorten time.
Facebook become so popular that people use it instead traditional business pages or event email messages (!). It is also much more cost effective that traditional forms of advertisment. It's a very simple and easy tu use tool thatis perfect to inform people about Your business activity.

Facebook markting tips.

Thansks to Facebook You can easy:
  • promote Your post,
  • advertise products or business ,
  • promote events,
  • publish movies,

  • The main advantage of facebook is number of users and potential range of advertisment. With across 1 billion users FB is absolutely number one in Social Media business.
    In marketing entrepreneurs use Fanpage (dedicated page at FB to promote companies) At one place You can publish list of product and its images, implement movie, mark Your business on the map, add contact data and connect FB profile with other social media channels.

    Here's how to start.

  • 1.Creat a social media account (Fanpage) connected with Your profile.
  • 2.Add Your logo and cover photo with company data.
  • 3.Add Your friends and ask them to lik the page.
  • 4.Promote your post to enlarge the range.
  • 5.Evrytime when you have special offer publish it on FB.
  • 6.Build the connectionwith the brand.
  • 7.Ask Your fans about site improvments.
  • 8.Connect Fanpage with your company page and newsletter list.

  • If you need help at creating business profile and install FB advertising please let us now via site

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