IFA Berlin - 2016 release.

IFA Trade Show (Internationale Funkausstellung) is an annual event organized in Messe Berlin. The Exhibition Grounds where the Trade Show takes place look quite futuristically and consist of 26 halls situated on 160 000m2. The visitors can enter the Hall through four entrances. Additionaly, during the Show you can participate in the conferences which are organized in a recently-built City Cub. Messe Berlin is also easy to reach by public transport from virtually every part of Berlin.

The subject of the fair is Consumer electronics, technologies and tools for business and private customers (B2C). Initially, the fair took place every two years. Since 2011 the event has been organized annually. It has been gathering over 200 000 visitors every year.

The event gives an unusual opportunity to get familiar with technical, home and audio innovations as well as with electronic gadgets, smartphones and technologies, which can be applied in companies. The fair enables the visitors to learn more about a number of different models, even those which has been in the market for some time. Apart from that, the companies also present the planned changes in their products. However, the thing that attracts visitors the most are the latest, high-end devices.

You can meet there the representatives of the world’s major players which include both local electronics companies and Asian equipment suppliers. The halls during the fair are grouped according to the topic and the companies’ names. Although the venue is fairly big, getting around it is quite intuitive.

IFA Berlin

Below, you can find the coverage from IFA 2016 and the most interesting parts and devices that could have been seen during this year’s event. Let’s begin from the niche companies.

Insta 360

One of the most interesting devices presented during the fair was the video camera by Insta360. It enables taking photos, recording videos and panoramic streaming. The device, which can be plugged to smartphone, takes fully panoramic photos – it is great for conferences, parties and travels. The cameras are available for both Apple and HTC. The company also offers cameras 4K which can be plugged to smartphones.

Xpump Embrace Audio Lab

The device, which can be plugged to notebook, TV or pendrive, converts the signal and changes it into high-quality surround sound. This outstandingly designed device of small size can be used at home as well as while travelling with portable audio players. For only $119 it can be plugged to PC and you can enjoy high-quality sound both in movies and in computer games. More information about this device can be found on Kickstarter and on the product’s official website http://xroundaudio.com/


The Japanese company presented its newest Xperia smartphones and the technologies that it is developing in its flagship products. During the fair, it could have been experienced how the newest home cinema works in specially designed rooms. You could have also get familiar with new prototypes such as devices capable of recognizing solid shapes and displaying objects and visualizations on them, which is a great solution for the construction industry.

The company from China presented portable 3D scanners allowing to scan both people and objects and to upload them into various programmes as a three-dimensional model. The device works well in the fashion world and with 3D printers.

ifa berlin samsung
Samsung – the newest TV models.

During IFA 2016, one of the most distinctive companies was Samsung. The company presented a great variety of new devices and technologies that can be used in business. The products that interested visitors in particular were Samsung S7 Note and Samsung Gear VR (virtual reality) Let’s Begin from the smartphone itself. It is fitted not only with powerful procesor but also with Samsung Knock technology that allows to secure its content through scanning the owner’s pupil. The device is also equipped with camera and comfortable touch screen. It also enables taking a series of photos by holding in the shutter button. In its outstandingly designed case, you can find a dedicated pen which works well with the smartphone’s high-resolution display.

ifa berlin

Apart from smartphones, visitors were mostly interested in Samsung Gear VR googles and more precisely, in the simulators allowing to test them in practice. During the fair, the visitors had an opportunity of testing them on the simulator of cycling, kayaking, volcano bungee jumping and California Rollercoasters riding. The simulators were so attractive that those who wanted to test them were lining up in long queues.

The company also presented many TVs based on Quantum Dot technology. The picture quality, its contrast and color reproduction of the presented devices stay at the forefront of technological innovation, especially as they can be synchronised with the newest Samsung soundbar using a cutting-edge Dolby Atmos technology (surround sound reproducing up to 128 simultaneous audio object, initially developed only for the american cinemas). Samsung presented their latest models of both curved and highest-level devices using Quantum Dot technology. Additionaly, the company announced that its SUHD TVs will be covered by a 10-year warranty. The model that seemed to be the most attractive during the fair was: UE65KS9590.

The pavilion itself was designed in a very deliberate, tasteful and intuitive way with a big, glass vault in the middle.

A very interesting show was organized by LG Electronics. During the fair, the Korean company presented their latest line of OLED TVs. The company built a 15-metre long, 7-metre wide and 5-metre high tunnel consisting of over 216 OLED screens. The displayed picture composed of over 400 million pixels and included a range of images starting from marine life, through northern lights, to outer space. Good selection of music together with the surround sound completed the sharp and dynamic image creating an impressive show, often applauded by the audience.

Below, you can enjoy this effect:

IFA provides also opportunities to get familiar with the latest accessories supporting PC games. New products were also presented by the companies specializing in high-quality audio equipment: Yamaha, Technics, Denon.

During the fair, you could have also enjoyed music in Mercedes Maybach S600.

mercedes maybach

Many companies from Asia and virtually from each part of the world were present at the fairs. The event gives an opportunity to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in electronics and various technologies. It also enables to establish valuable business relationships as the pavilions are fitted with separate business lounges for contractors. The visitors can see how the world of technology is changing and how the new technologies can be applied in business. For some people, the event is an opportunity to pre-order new devices whereas for others to catch a glimpse of latest solutions implementing possibilities. Also, during the fair a number of business contacts can be established, as many representatives seek partners and dealers in other countries. Unquestionably, the IFA event is both interesting and inspiring.

The next edition of the fair will be held in a year and in spring we will present you a coverage from another German event Hannover CeBIT 2017.

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