Livolo Touch Switches

Livolo digital touch switches are light switches that can be operated with a gesture. They are an elegant and luxurious option to mechanical switches. They can be operated with wet hands. The glass panel display is perfectly safe. They come in black and white. They can be connected to a home automation system with WIFI. Livolo touch switches have RF remote functionality. This means you can connect to your home remotely. You can control lighting in your house with a smartphone.

Livolo light switches have IC intelligent chips. They are more sensitive to touch. This technology is similar to what is used in current mobile phones. The front panel is made of crystal glass. The crystal glass is fire and scratch resistant. It is highly durable.

livolo lxury switches

Why the Livolo touch switches popular

It is convenient. Digital touch switches take away the need to get out of bed to turn off mechanical switches. If you install them in your home, you can control the lights all from a remote. You will no longer have to go room by room turning off and on individual lights. You can enjoy the benefits of centralized control over your lighting system.

Five touch points. Livolo touch switches offer an integrated smart home touch switch. With Livolo touch switches, you do not need dedicated switches for separate systems. Systems like music, lights, and blinds can have one panel. A single switch can be used to control all these systems.

Integrated temperature and humidity sensor- Smart home touch offers a temperature control system. The inbuilt temperature and humidity sensor can regulate conditions in your home. This happens when temperature and humidity exceed acceptable levels.

Click feedback. Sometimes, you may have doubts about whether you really turned a switch off. These types of digital switches have an optional audible click. This reassures you that you have in fact turned off the switch.

Touch panel switches are easy to install. A knowledgeable person should have no problem installing these light switches for you. They use the same wiring as traditional switches. They can even replace traditional switches without changing anything. You should turn off power in the house when installing. Do not overload these switches. Load capacity has a range of 15W being the lowest and 1000W being the highest.

Livolo switch is multi-functional. It can act as a dimmer control, remote control and touch control.

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How Livolo switches work.

Steps to synchronization Livolo switches

You start by holding down the gang. Do this for 5 seconds until you hear the ‘DI' sound. You should also stop if the backlight flashes

Touch the second switch. The backlight should flash. Once this happens, the switches have synchronized. Your process was successful.

If there are more switches, repeat the process.

Steps to cancel synchronization

Hold the gang switch for 10 seconds. The backlight should flash twice or you will hear the ‘DI' sound twice. If this happens, the synchronization has been canceled. If you cancel sync, you also disconnect the switches from the remote.

Important things to note
  • You cannot synchronize switches if they are not connected to a lamp.
  • Total power load for two-way switches has a limit of 1500W.
  • You cannot connect more than two switches to one circuit.
  • The maximum distance between two-way switches is 30 meters.
  • Two-way switches do not support remote scene mode.
  • Review on the use of Livolo touch switches

    You need to follow the Livolo schematic to switch out existing switches. You have to follow the instructions for it to work. Livolo touch switches have good material and a quality build. Livolo products are compatible with Domoticz home automation.

    Commonly asked questions Livolo FAQ

    Do you need to change your existing wiring and lighting system?

    The answer is no. Livolo touch switches can be installed to your existing wiring system. The toggle buttons you used previously are now touch buttons. You can opt for a remote version to toggle the switches remotely.

    Does Livolo offer a warranty?

    The answer is yes. It is for a limited time. Livolo touch switches have a one-month warranty. This is subject to availability of stock.

    Can you use one Livolo –way panel to work with an existing switch?

    A 2-way switch refers to a light that is controlled by two different panels. For example, lights in a stairway need a 2-way switch. One switch is at the bottom and one at the top. This way you do not need to go all the way downstairs to turn off the light in the stairs. If you want to replace these switches with Livolo touch switches, you have to buy two pieces. You will need one 2-way remote controllable panel and one standard 2-way panel.

    Do you need a neutral wire?

    Yes. All lighting systems need a live and neutral wire. They complete the circuit. They also need a switch to toggle.

    Will Livolo panel fit your current electrical point?

    Yes, it will. The Livolo touch panel measures 86mm by 86mm.

    Is there a Livolo 4- way gang touch panel?

    No. Currently, Livolo does not make 4-way gang panels.

    Can you dim the lights with the Livolo touch panel?

    The current panels do not support dimming lights. They only support turning lights on and off.

    Can you get only one 2-way panel?

    2-way panels come in sets of two. You cannot purchase just one.

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    Sample Livolo switches:

    golden livolo switch

    black livolo switch

    Summary and personal review.

    Livolo is perfect add on to modern apartments, office or mansion. Thanks to vast kind of colors and module - building it's a very flexible technical solution. The way of controlling it is very comfortable. The final look is attractive and really eye catching. Switches are very easy to use and reflect all kind of light. Look really nice.

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